Consultations and minor procedures are undertaken in A/Prof Gianoutsos' Practice Rooms located at Suite 1 in the Private Consulting Suites at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital. Surgical procedures requiring sedation (twilight) or general anaesthesia are performed at Sydney Surgical Centre, St Luke’s and Prince of Wales Private Hospitals.


A/Prof Gianoutsos has vast experience in and performs a wide range of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures. Regardless of the nature of the procedure, you can rest assured that A/Prof Gianoutsos has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the surgical solution you require.


The practice philosophy is to treat patients as we would wish to be treated ourselves, with expertise, care, professionalism, respect and discretion. A/Prof Gianoutsos surround himself with a team of professionals who share this philosophy and deliver what patients seek – the best individualised and up to date care available.