The philosophy of the practice is to treat patients as we would wish to be treated ourselves - with expertise, care, professionalism, respect and discretion. This is reflected in delivering what our patients want and expect - the best, individualised care available.

Plastic Surgery, whether general, reconstructive or cosmetic is a significant, widely recognised and serious surgical specialty. Cosmetic surgery in particular continues to be treated with considerable frivolity in the media. For any patient considering cosmetic surgery it is a momentous decision, one sometimes contemplated for years before embarking upon a course of fact finding and surgery. Much of the material claiming to be informative creates unrealistic views with respect to cosmetic surgical procedures.

All patients need to feel confident that they are going to receive considered and individualised advice. Mostly, that advice will be that their wishes are reasonable. They also require the details of what the actual operation entails for them, what they should expect around and after the operation, as well as what the potential downsides, or complications, may be. On occasion, the best service I can give a patient is to explain that the operation they are seeking is not in their best interests.

Different patients may require different approaches to very similar conditions. It is vital that the plastic surgeon has a broad knowledge and wide scope of procedures available, so that patients may be treated individually. This demands a broad training and the judgement gained with experience over time.

Any individual undertakes or contemplates cosmetic surgery for a variety of personal reasons. Generally it is that they wish to feel good about themselves for themselves. I believe that this, rather than being motivated by the wishes or perceptions of others, is a healthy starting point for consideration of a cosmetic procedure.

It is important that a patient knows that he or she is going to be treated with great expertise, care, professionalism, respect and discretion by the surgeon and all members of the team.